Duplicate Identification And Removal
Using the latest technologies, IQD® identifies duplicate respondents at the survey entry page and stops them from entering the survey altogether. Using a combination of user specific and physical location algorithms, IQD® eliminates duplicate response from the same computer. Unlike solely IP based systems, IQD® doesn't exclude good respondents using proxies, subnets or gateway IP setups. IQD® removes the bad while keeping the good.
Panel Communication And Maintenance
MindField Online reminds panelists of our commitment to quality and excellence on every survey invite. Poor data is not tolerated and panelists are removed and forfeit compensation if they are shown to be suspicious or in violation of the IQD® system. The quality of your data is Our Responsibility
Speeder Identification and Removal
Studies show that 96% or more of online data quality issues are the cause of "speeders". IQD® evaluates the time spent per question, per series of questions and/or overall time spent in survey and eliminates those who are under acceptable levels.
Demographic Measurements Analysis
Within IQD®, varying response combinations can be measured to determine if the respondent is providing questionable or erroneous information.
Location Verification And Removal
IQD® identifies certain registration information to use for location verification. Those falsifying country and regional information are identified and removed.
  • Duplicate Identification And Removal
  • Panel Communication And Maintenance
  • Speeder Identification and Removal
  • Demographic Measurements Analysis
  • Location Verification And Removal
IQD® Technology is applied to
All MindField Online surveys at no extra charge.
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