About MindField Online

MindField Online is owned and operated by McMillion Research, LLC, a leading data collection firm in the United States. McMillion Research has been in business almost 30 years and is recognized as leaders in providing quality data collection to its worldwide clientele.

The company's humble beginnings were door to door surveys in the late 1970's. After many difficult projects and meager earnings, McMillion Research opened its first telephone data collection center and focus group facility in 1980. Working primarily in WV and surrounding states, McMillion Research soon opened two mall facilities which allowed the company to become recognized on the national scale of data collectors after being recognized as one of the top producing consumer centers in the U.S. In 2000, MindField Online was introduced as McMillion's answer to quality online data collection and internet panels.

Ongoing quality recruitment via the World Wide Web and McMillion's 100 station telephone center, MindField Online is a leader in online technology and data collection. MindField Online also boasts the most in-depth, targeted panels available. We don't just categorize panelists, we probe for the most current data and trends in an array of areas, including Health and Ailments, Electronics and Entertainment, Grocery and HBA Brands, and much more.

With MindField Online, there is no worry about the rapidly changing technologies with today's internet. Highly trained computer experts use the latest hardware and software to ensure that you receive safe, secure surveys to provide your opinions to. They are also fun using creative ways to encourage participation and engagement no matter what the subject.

If you are not already a member of MindField Online, click on the How it Works link to learn more. Then become part of the industry's leading internet panel. We are also one of the only panel companies that pay a cash incentive for every client survey you participate in. What could be better? You actually get paid for your opinions which means your opinions really do count.

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