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Everybody in college is looking for an easy way to get paid and MindField Online is the answer. College Students love the extra spending money they get paid for participating in MindField Online's opinion surveys.


At MindField Online, we recognize this generation has the experience to offer corporations and manufacturers great insight in their decision making process. We work hard to provide seniors the ability to earn extra money while providing their valuable insight on a vast array of topics.

Moms and Children

Who else needs extra money and who else can provide companies with the opinions necessary to improve the items you use every day to care for your children and family.


MindField Online is always working with companies to talk to the correct person in various industries who can provide the appropriate feedback to better stimulate industry and economic growth. Why not increase your earning potential in the process by earning extra money by completing MindField Online's professional online surveys.


If you are at least 15 years of age and want to get some spending money, MindField Online has your cash opportunities. Just register for your own MindField Online account and confirm your age and you are ready to start participating in our surveys. Those younger than 15 can join through your parents account and participate.

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